Rubber. Redefined.

6,490 Tonnes of Rubber Regenerated

Sable is changing the way the world interacts with rubber - transforming it into a circular resource.

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We convert used rubber into a pure, high-quality alternative to virgin rubber.


RegenRubber™ can be used in almost any application. Big or small.

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Roads For The Future.

Crumb rubber asphalt transforms old tyres into durable roads, enhancing safety and reducing waste. Australia's adoption reflects a sustainable shift, merging conservation and innovation in road construction for a resilient future.

Soft Fall Surfaces & Sporting fields

Heavy Duty. Light Footprint.

The use of recycled rubber in soft fall surfaces, sporting fields and athletic tracks reduces the risk of impact injuries. The porous nature of the product also lends itself to performing well under heavy weather conditions.

Re-Engineered Products

Endless Possibiities.

Molded products, extrusion, sheeting, steel-bonded rubber and fibre-reinforced rubber sheeting are some of the opportunities for recycled rubber. These possibilities can be applied to road construction, agriculture, irrigation, plumbing, mining, defence and architectural industries.


Driving Sustainable Change.

Turning pollution into products and getting closer to a zero-emission mobility, the only way to close the loop on tyre waste is to reapply the recovered product from EOLT back into the roads that they have travelled on.

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