Sable Rubber

6,490 Tonnes of Rubber Regenerated


We are changing the way the world interacts with rubber - transforming it into a circular resource.

At Sable, we are catalysing a new era in the rubber recycling industry, establishing a pathway towards a cleaner, more sustainable world. Our journey is backed by over two decades of meticulous research and process refinement. We’re more than a mere rubber recycling operation; we are a technology-driven company, accelerating the transformation of the global rubber supply-chain. We actively pursue partnerships with industry frontrunners, businesses and governments. United by a shared commitment, we aim to establish responsible rubber recycling as the industry benchmark.



2003 Engineers AustraliaEureka Award


2004 Engineers Australia Engineering the Future Awards

2004 Smart State (QLD) Awards


2005 Global Eco Award (Japan Expo)

2005 ABC Public Choice Award

2005 ABC New Inventor of the Year Award

2005 Gecko Environmental Award


2007 Mercedes Engineering Award


2011 Innovation & Development Prize


2013 Powering Productivity Award


2016 AusIndustry Award


2018 AusIndustry Award

Our Vision

We envision a future where rubber recycling is synonymous with efficiency, sustainability and economic viability. Our commitment to innovation, supported by continual investment in research and development, aims to broaden the spectrum of applications for our products while contributing to a reduction in the global carbon footprint.

Uncompromising Quality

Sable’s technology enables the treatment of old rubber without a compromise in molecular consistency. This capability facilitates the production of superior-quality recycled rubber products, setting a new standard in the industry.

Supply Chain Transformation

We equip companies with a reliable source of the cleanest, highest-quality regenerated rubber. Sable is the only company in Australia to have successfully closed the loop, providing pure rubber - free from heavy metals - suited for a myriad of applications, thereby diminishing the dependency on virgin rubber.

Proactive Industry Evolution

Our products address the prevailing challenges in the tyre waste industry, setting a new standard for recycled rubber. Sable eradicates heavy metal contaminants, the practice of incineration and the need to use harmful chemicals in the recycling process. Our ethos of collaboration, integrity and relentless innovation propels us to be at the forefront of positive change within the industry, empowering businesses to adopt our sustainable alternative. Together, we are paving the way towards a greener future for the generations to come.

Partners & Collaborators

We actively partner with industry leaders, businesses and brands to drive innovation.

Bridgestone Tyres

Tyres That Tread Carefully

Bridgestone is a well-known global tyre manufacturer, and Bandag is a subsidiary that specialises in retreading tyres, offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions for commercial vehicle fleets. Their products and services aim to enhance tyre durability, reduce environmental impact and improve the overall performance of tyres.

Australian Surfacing Supplies

Paving the Way Down Under

Australian Surfacing Supplies offers EPDM and Precoat SBR rubber products, Sports Flooring and interactive outdoor play equipment. Known for quality, durability and vibrant colors, they are partnering with us to increase the sustainability of their product range.


A United Voice.

The unified voice of waste management, recycling and resource recovery businesses in Queensland, WRIQ represents more than 90 Queensland-based organisations, ranging from multi-nationals to small family-owned and operated businesses.
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