Patented Precision

6,490 Tonnes of Rubber Regenerated


We employ an advanced patented process to produce rubber that is free of steel and fibres, while maintaining molecular integrity and high quality. This innovative process is reshaping the way the world sources rubber, bringing an evolution in quality to the rubber industry.

Innovative Products


Our RegenRubber™ is sourced entirely from post-consumer waste, breathing new life into discarded rubber and reducing the need for virgin materials.


An alternative to natural carbon black. Coming Soon.


An activated carbon with 700+ uses globally. Coming Soon.

Our Process

Dismantle Used Rubber

The initial phase of our process commences with the procurement of used tyres. Following this, our patented technology efficiently breaks down and processes the material.
Remove Impurities & Waste Materials.

After the sourced tyres are broken down into smaller fragments, the fibres, steel and debris are exposed, allowing for their removal—resulting in a purer and more refined rubber material.
Sort Into Different Specifications

Now that the rubber has been refined, we separate the pure crumbs according to different specifications, making it suitable for our clients' diverse applications.
Supply Pure, Molecularly Intact Rubber.

Our products retain their molecular integrity, allowing our clients to use them in a variety of applications, including roads, playgrounds, re-engineered products, sporting fields and tyres.
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