6,490 Tonnes of Rubber Regenerated



A World First

True Alternative

To Virgin Rubber

RegenRubber™ is a game‑changer redefining sustainability. Crafted from 100% recycled tyres, our rubber offers unparalleled purity, performance and sustainability.

Key Features

100% Recycled Rubber

Our RegenRubber™ is sourced entirely from post-consumer waste, breathing new life into discarded rubber and reducing the need for virgin materials.

Free From Steel & Fibre

Rigorous quality control ensures our rubber crumb is pure and uncontaminated by waste materials.

No Chemical Additives

At the heart of our process is a commitment to purity; our RegenRubber™is meticulously crafted without the use of synthetic chemicals, offering you a purer product.

Better For The Environment

Choosing RegenRubber™ not only benefits your project but also contributes to a greener planet by minimising waste and reducing the carbon footprint associated with rubber production.

Customisable Specifications

Tailored to your specific needs, our RegenRubber™ comes in a variety of crumb sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every application.

Made in Australia

Our RegenRubber™ is not only proudly produced in Australia but also sources and regenerates Aussie rubber, ensuring a product that meets the nation's rigorous manufacturing standards.


RegenRubber™ can be used in any application, big or small.


Roads For The Future.

Crumb rubber asphalt transforms old tyres into durable roads, enhancing safety and reducing waste. Australia's adoption reflects a sustainable shift, merging conservation and innovation in road construction for a resilient future.

Soft Fall Surfaces & Sporting Fields

Heavy Duty. Light Footprint.

The use of recycled rubber in soft fall surfaces, sporting fields, athletic tracks reduce the risk from impact injuries, the porous nature of the product also leans itself to perform under heavy weather conditions.

Re-engineered Products

Endless Possibilities.

Molded products, extrusion, sheeting, steel-bonded rubber and fibre-reinforced rubber sheeting are some of the opportunities for recycled rubber. These possibilities can be applied to road construction, agriculture, irrigation, plumbing, mining, defence and architectural industries.


Driving Sustainable Change

Turning pollution into products and getting closer to a zero-emission mobility, the only way to close the loop on tyre waste is to reapply the recovered product from EOLT back into the roads that they have travelled on.

Product Specification

RegenRubber™ comes in a variety of specifications to ensuring the perfect fit for every application*.

60mesh Crumb

Elevate your application with our 60 mesh RegenRubber™, finely crafted to meet your performance needs while reducing environmental impact

30mesh Crumb

Our 30 mesh RegenRubber™ is an eco-friendly solution with finely ground particles, perfect for enhancing the sustainability and durability of your application.

6-12mm Granules

Experience the versatility of our 6-12mm granulated RegenRubber™ – an ideal choice for industries seeking a responsible material solutions for their application.

Custom Specification

Customise our RegenRubber™ to meet your unique specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application.

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